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6 Ways to Travel Europe for Cheap

Europe is a fantastic continent full of culture and rich history making it a favored destination for travelers around the world. But it is not a cheap place to visit. Here are some great tips to plan your future trip to travel Europe for cheap. 

Fly Cheap

You have to consider that during the summer it is expensive to fly into Europe it is better to do it from October to April.

To find cheap flights it is a good idea to use search engines like Google Flights, Momondo, and Kiwi. Make sure to look at the fares from local and small airlines as they sometimes provide a fair price.

The best way to find cheap fares is to do several searches and find the cheapest nearby city and airport to fly into instead of your preferred destination. Once you are in Europe you can always use local transportation to move around the countries and places.

Consider that the following cities London, Paris, Rome, and Madrid are more costly to fly into. But places like Frankfurt, Milan, and Dublin are cheaper.

So take your time to search for a cheap flight in a nearby city and have fun in both places.

Cheap flights
Cheap flights


Booking long layovers can allow you to experience a new city for free. Most of the time layovers have a better price, and some major airlines will give you free hotel accommodations, transfers, and meals because of the long layover. 

Before you book make sure to research layover rules for different airlines to know if you are missing out on something.

To be able to experience different places with lengthy layovers just make sure to connect with the city during the daytime. Remember you can leave your luggage in a safe place by paying a small fee at the airport. And, don’t forget to have all the proper documentation like a visa to leave the airport and move around the city.

Travel Cheap

Traveling around Europe is easy and there are many cheap ways to do it. You can get around Europe by bus, plane, train, carshare, backpacker tours, Eurail pass, and hitchhiking. 

If you are traveling by bus you can choose from: 

  • Busabout
  • Megabus
  • Flixbus

You can also use Eurolines which are the international long-distance routes of each country. The prices start at 20 Euros for a 5 to 6-hour trip.

You can also use cheap airlines to flight within Europe. It is easy and affordable. Some budget airlines are:

  • Vueling
  • Ryanair
  • EasyJet
  • Aigle Azur
  • Eurowings
  • Flybe
  • Norwegian Air
  • Wizz Air

Hotel Accommodations

To find valuable information on where to stay in Europe you can go to TripAdvisor or Hotels.com. You can read customers’ feedback and experiences.

Try to find a hotel with free WiFi and breakfast.

You can also look for bed and breakfasts on sites like Venere and Booking.com or you can look for places on Craigslist and Airbnb if you want a more homey experience.

If you have a tight budget take a look at highly-rated hostels in HostelWorld or find a couch to sleep for free in Couchsurfing.

Daily Activities

Europe is a place where you can find many free sights and attractions. You can visit top museums in London, Paris, and Madrid for free. They also provide discount passes for public transportation and sightseeing.

You can also download an app like Hearplanet where you can find free talking tours. And,  don’t forget to check out the daily activities in sites like Groupon and Livingsocial.

Eat Well

As I mentioned before, try to choose a hotel with free breakfast and eat well, you need to have a good meal before going out. If you can, grab a bag to store fruit so you have free snacks to have with you during the day.

Don’t go to restaurants in areas with a lot of tourists as the food is always expensive instead try local pubs, daily markets, and carts.

Finally, go to a grocery store and buy things you can eat like granola bars, mixed nuts, dried fruit, non-alcoholic drinks, chocolates and more. This way you can save a lot of money.

Traveling cheap to Europe is easy all you need is the right tools to do it. Follow these basic tips to have a wonderful time without breaking your bank account.