We have already written before about what you should know about special credit cards for travel and you should know that it is really not possible to recommend a single credit card for all because the offer of financial products and services changes quite quickly and they are adapted for the needs of each person. Fortunately, we went ahead with the task and we got together with ComparaGuru to prepare a list of Credit Cards highlighted in 2018 that are special for travel. This does not mean that they are the only options, but they are the ones that stood out in our search. 

Interjet Inbursa Clásica Credit Card


Minimum verifiable income: N / A Annuity: No cost the 1st year $ 300 as of the 2nd year CAT (Without VAT): 60% Interest rate: 46% Insurance: Insured protection (additional cost) Benefits: $ 1,000 discount voucher in Interjet tickets By anniversary of the purchase of the $ 500 coupon card 15% less on Interjet tickets and 6 months without interest Additional free luggage Priority of boarding and baggage delivery in Interjet

Scotiabank Viva AEROBUS Credit Card


Minimum verifiable income: $ 7,500 Annuity: $ 699 CAT (Without VAT): 56.6% Interest rate: 42.96% Insurance: Interruption of travel and assistance, Accident Insurance in Common Transport, Balance due to death, Protected Purchase and Insurance for Theft or loss. Benefits: 9,000 VivaPuntos de Bienvenida Annual Bonus of 8,000 VivaPoints Purchase all your flights to Months Without Interest, all year. Ticket issuance with preferential cost: the issuance of the ticket has a fixed preferential cost of $ 90 pesos if you use your Viva Credit Card. Advance or delay your flight with Flex Pass. If you lose your flight, you have up to 4 hours to change your ticket. With VIP Pass you and your companions will have priority in boarding the plane, having bought the ticket with your Live Card. You can carry up to 5 kilos extra on board. You and your companions can use the Viva Express or quick VivaAerobus documentation line, by purchasing the ticket with your Viva Card. If for any event you are on the waiting list, you will have priority of boarding

Volaris Invex credit card


Minimum verifiable income: $ 5,000 Annuity: No annual lifetime commission CAT (Without VAT): 34.90% Interest rate: 17.40% Insurance: Travel accident, Car rental insurance, International emergency medical services. Benefits: Welcome bonus of $ 1,300 in Monedero Volaris 1.5% in Mondero Volaris for your purchases Months without interest in Volaris 15% bonus on food on board Extra baggage without cost Access to Visa Lounge Grand Lounge Monedero Volaris, which allows you to accumulate pesos for travel for purchases made with the Card. Preferential benefits when traveling with Volaris. 6 Months without Interest in purchases made abroad. Urgent replacement of the Card abroad due to theft or loss.

Credit Card Aeroméxico Blanca Santander


Minimum verifiable income: $ 3,000 for college students, $ 7,500 for other clients Annuity: No cost CAT (Without VAT): 49.90% Interest rate: 16.21% Insurance: Travel assistance Visa 24x7, Price Protection Benefits: Welcome bonus 5,000 points Premier Bonus for annual cost of 5,000 Premier points on reaching $ 50,000 spent during a year 1 Premier point for every dollar spent 1.5 Premier points for every dollar spent on Aeromexico and Club Premier    

Banorte United Credit Card

Banorte United

Minimum verifiable income: $ 50,000 Annuity: $ 2,800 CAT (Without VAT): 46.2% Interest rate: 28-day TIIE + 42% Insurance: Accident Insurance and International Medical Emergency. Insurance against damage to the rented car with worldwide coverage. Price Protection Insurance, Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty. Benefits: Accumulate 2 miles for every dollar in purchases made abroad. Welcome bonus of 10,000 miles after making a purchase of USD 150 and a bonus of 500 miles for invoicing USD 500 or more per month. Priority to address. Special benefits in Hotels with Visa Luxury Hotel Collection. Up to two checked bags at no cost. Executive ground transportation service at no cost to the CDMX International Airport. Purchase United tickets in ticket offices for months without interest. Priority Pass gives access to more than 800 VIP lounges at airports and Grand Lounge VIP lounges. Concierge service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 

Banorte Platinum Credit Card

Banorte Platinum Credit Card

Minimum verifiable income: $ 50,000 Annuity: $ 2,100 (or free with the program 1,2,3 for me) CAT (Without VAT): 24.9% Interest rate: 28-day TIIE + 30% Insurance: Travel accident, emergency compensation medical Insurance of rented cars with protection worldwide. Card replacement service and emergency cash. Purchase protection insurance, prices and extended warranty. Benefits: Single Customer Service Line with telephone assistance available 7/24/365. Promotions and months without interest * in the main establishments. Unlimited Awards Platinum reward program, which awards 1.25 points for every 10 pesos spent. Priority Pass gives access to more than 800 VIP lounges at airports around the world at no cost. Concierge, is a personal assistant to support reservations, 

American Express Aeroméxico Card


Minimum verifiable income: $ 15,000 Annuity: 120 usd + VAT deferred in 3 months CAT (Without VAT): N / A Interest rate: N / A Insurance: Automatic insurance against travel accidents, Protection against loss or delay of luggage Benefits: Bonus of 32,000 Premiere points: equivalent to a single domestic flight. 1.6 Premier points for every dollar spent. 2.4 Premier Points for each dollar spent on Aeromexico tickets 2 Tickets Prize per year of acquiring the card



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