fbpx 8 Best Vacation Deals for the Budget-Savvy

8 Best Vacation Deals for the Budget-Savvy

Do you have the travel bug, but your bank account isn’t cooperating? You can still pull off travel if you’re keeping to a budget. From discounted cities to National Parks, you have multiple options for feeding your wanderlust while finding a good deal. Check out 8 ideas for the best vacation deals for the budget-savvy:

The Switch Out 

Rather than visit Mexico City, try Guatemala City. Instead of traveling to France, maybe visit Hungary. Switch out Rome for Athens. You get the idea. And while you’re at it, switch your season, too. Who wants to sweat it out with the rest of the tourists during the summer when you can enjoy pleasant weather and no crowds during the spring and fall? 

Book a Cruise – Last Minute

Even if you look a few weeks out, you can find deep discounts for a cruise. Rather than spending up to $700 for a week’s cruise to the Caribbean, you can find a cruise for only $30 per day! Check out the CruiseSheet site for deals.

Best Vacation Deals for the Budget-Savvy
Best Vacation Deals for the Budget-Savvy

More Last Minute: A Tour

 While we’re helping companies fill empty seats, let’s do tour companies a favor and book last minute to reach capacity. Intrepid Travel features discounts between 15-30% off of last-minute tours. Just as you can find a discount for a last-minute cruise, you can find a last-minute discount for a tour for the same reason: a discounted ticket is better than an unsold ticket. 

Fly Away – On the Cheap

 With sites like Momondo and Google Flights showing you the cheapest flight to anywhere from the airport closest to you along with sites like Skyscanner, Kiwi, and AirTreks allowing you to search for multi-city, open-ended flights, you can find the cheapest possible flight to your next destination. If you’re open to adventure and flexible on timing, you can leverage these sites to carry you to a new vacation spot for little money.

House Sit – Free Stay

If you could save on accommodations – or if you could get your accommodations for free, cheap travel can be a reality. Rather than couch surf, try house sitting. Several sites like Nomador, TrustedHousesitter, and MindMyHouse offer house sitting opportunities around the world for the flexible and responsible traveler.

Explore National Parks Globally

With camping fees as low as $15 per night in the National Parks of the United States and similar overnight costs in countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, camping significantly reduces your travel costs. In places like Japan, as well as all of Europe, you can even camp for free on public lands. Explore the natural worlds for a discount travel price. 

National Parks - Yosemite
National Parks - Yosemite

Regional Travel

 Take a little road trip even just a few hours from home to explore your region. Research your area as if you were traveling there from another country and approach your exploration with fresh eyes. Visit that museum you always wanted to visit in the next state over. Or take a bike ride on that path in the next county that you’ve always heard about. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast out in the country for the weekend. Explore your world – close up.


Don’t go anywhere! And treat your home as if you’re a tourist! Sleep in your own bed at night while discovering the sites and attractions during the day, only minutes from your home. Devote a weekend to touring your own city or town.



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