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8 tricks to find cheap flight deals

Planning in advance has its reward. Usually when making a reservation, the closer you get to the date of the trip, the more you pay. This is because airlines long ago realized that business travelers tend to organize last-minute meetings and are less flexible. That's why, while airlines take advantage of executives, organized and intelligent travelers like you know how to get cheap flights.

If you want to know how to buy cheap flights, look for your trip on KAYAK and complete your reservation with a minimum of 21 days in advance; your second best option is to do it with 14 days or more. Also, take note of the following tips.

1. Make sure to use a tool that you look for in the main websites and travel agencies

You do not need to have 20 browser tabs open. Better, search on KAYAK. 

We recognize it, it is a piece of subjective advice, but that is no less true: instead of having several windows of your browser open at the same time and try to find out what additional fees each web hides, you can see it all in one web. Also, unlike other search sites, KAYAK shows you the total price, with no hidden fees and no additional costs or surprises. We compare a lot of airlines from hundreds of travel websites and we show you the best price. You can say that we are given to find the cheapest flights. By the way: do not forget to download our app, and so you can search wherever you are.

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2. Be flexible with your travel dates and get the best price on your flight

You will be surprised what you can save with a little flexibility on your travel dates

What is the cheapest day to fly? Although theories abound, the truth is that it can not always be predicted. But do not let this discourage you: with our flexible search you can see prices with a few days of margin and find the best time to fly. The flexibility of traveling a day that is not what you have planned can mean much lower prices. The next time you search for KAYAK, try changing the "exact" date in the calendar to flexible dates. You may find that traveling on Saturday is cheaper than on a Sunday, or that during the week (Tuesday and Wednesday) it is better than Monday or Thursday or Friday. And do not forget: you can always make a full-day stopover in another city and get to know another place while saving money.


3. Avoid traveling in high season

If saving is your priority, the key is not to travel in high season

You will notice that it is a good idea to travel when others do not want to. It's not just because you're more likely to find cheaper flights, but the lines are shorter. Instead of traveling in summer, do it in spring or autumn, when the weather is still pleasant, prices are lower and there are not as many tourists. You can also get cheap flights if you travel on holidays, such as Christmas or New Year, when many airlines have lower demand and better prices (and the staff is super friendly).

4. It is important to know when to reserve

If you have no other option but to travel in high season, our Travel Hacker Guide can help you travel better. As soon as you have an idea of where you want to go or if you want to take advantage of long weekends, make sure you always have this guide at hand and look for tips there.

5. Accumulate and claim points from your loyalty program

If you fly more than once a year, you will be surprised how many points you can accumulate with the loyalty plans of the different airlines or alliances, or even some credit cards. Take the time to analyze which cards or plans suit you and try to use your points to improve your flight or travel more comfortably on long flights.

Reward cards
Reward cards

6. Location is key: fly to alternative airports

Exploring your options can take you further by less

Many airlines fly to nearby airports (such as Toluca instead of Mexico City) and what they save in airport taxes benefits you. If you plan to travel within Europe, knowing this can be very useful since many low-cost airlines tend to base their operations on smaller airports. You will also find the pleasant surprise of not having to deal with so much traffic, that the rental cars are cheaper and that there are fewer people in the airport bar. Every time you search with KAYAK, you can also choose to see flights to nearby airports.

7. Prepare to travel at night or at less common times

In life, you have to know how to take advantage of the moment. One of the secrets that tell you how to get cheap flights is to travel when others do not want to. These schedules vary according to the route, but departures very early or very late are usually the least popular for most, for obvious reasons. Adjust the take-off and landing time bar in the filters on the left column when they load your flight options and you will see how the prices change according to flight times. Of course, if you travel to less common schedules, do not forget to notify your accommodation that you will arrive after hours and verify the cost of transport from or to the airport. It does not make sense to save on a flight when you are going to spend that money on an expensive taxi because there is no longer public transport.

Red Eye
Red Eye

8. Create price alerts

What if we told you that there is a better way to track prices of flights and hotels than to repeat the same search day after day? Believe it! Our price alerts notify you as soon as the price of the flight you are interested in decreases. In the case of long flights, this can be a great help, since prices tend to vary a lot.

If instead you find a flight at a reasonable price and you do not know whether to reserve it or wait to see if it drops further, do not worry that we also help you with that. In each search, we show you our prediction in the upper left part of the results. Although we do not know what the future holds for you during your trip, our data gives you an idea of whether prices are possible or not.

Price alert
Price alert