The Best Spot to Relax on Vacation and Nobody Talks About It — The View from the Balcony

(or the best place to take a nap on vacation)

When people plan their vacation the first thing they think about is laying around the pool. This is why we get pictures of people’s feet at the end of a lounge chair with the pool in the background. We sometimes get pictures of a nice cold drink beside their chair on the beach. Everyone loves taking it easy on the beach or at the pool. There’s one place that is just as relaxing and enjoyable but people rarely talk about it. I want to talk about the view from the balcony of your room.

One of the best places to completely embrace vacation mode is spending time on the balcony of your room with an amazing view that you can only get from there. I’ll even go so far as to say, this is the best place to experience the ultimate in vacation getaway bliss. Sure, you can have a drink at the pool or the beach, but you share this space with everyone at the resort. Only on the balcony can you have a nice meal with that drink and look out onto the view of the ocean or look over the people hanging around the pool. Perfect spot for people watching.

Soldier’s Bay, Saint Johnʼs, Antigua & Barbuda
Soldier’s Bay, Saint Johnʼs, Antigua & Barbuda

For safety reasons, you do have to be careful when lounging at the pool. You have to make sure you keep track of your room key and make sure no one steals your stuff. But, on the balcony, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s the ultimate spot where you have no worries or concerns. Damn near pure bliss.

Also, something that I really enjoy doing, is watching a good sunrise or sunset from the room balcony. I’ve watched the sun rise and set in many countries and no matter what, it is always spectacular.

The Royal Caribbean, Cancun Mexico
The Royal Caribbean, Cancun Mexico (photo by me)
Occidental Caribe, Punta Cana DR
Occidental Caribe, Punta Cana DR (photo by me)

Here are the reasons it is better to relax on the balcony than at the pool or beach:

1. The view is better the higher up you are. If you are on the 9th floor as opposed to the first or second, not only can you see what’s going on at the pool and surrounding area but you can see what’s going on out on the ocean if people are swimming, surfing or riding things like jet skis. It’s a pleasure watching people enjoy their freedom from the 9 to 5 matrix.

2. Security. You don’t have to worry where your room key is or hide your money or credit cards in your shoes. No one is walking by and stealing your stuff.

3. You can people watch and no one will know exactly who you are looking at or talking about. Come on. Let’s be honest. We all people watch and sometimes comment on the guy wearing socks with his flip flops.

4. If you like taking pictures, the view of the sunrise and sunset are more spectacular with the resort grounds or pool in the foreground with the ocean and sun in the background.

5. You can have a meal uninterrupted on the balcony. With room service, you can have anything you want to be brought to you. This is total Vacation Mode.

6. You can read your book and not worry about getting splashed by rowdy kids running amok. Matter of fact, a lot of the noise is off in the distance.

7. You can take a nap uninterrupted. Let’s face it, it’s pretty nice drifting off to sleep on the balcony away from all of the hoopla at the pool and it’s not nearly as hot as laying on the beach.

8. The breeze is better. What feels nicer than a nice warm breeze wrapping you in a cocoon of comfort when casually drifting off to sleep on the balcony?

8. There are resorts with grills on the balcony where you can cook your own food. There’s nothing like grilling some burgers or chicken breast in your own personal space (93% lean burgers, let’s not get nuts).

9. Last but not least, it is your own personal space on the balcony. In the right situation, it’s isolated bliss. The ultimate in escaping the 9 to 5 Matrix.

Besides getting your own personal villa on a private island, the balcony at a fancy resort is the next best thing and it is one of the places we strive to experience escaping our everyday existence in the 9 to 5 matrix. It is an escape worthy of all the effort and work to earn these precious moments.

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