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The best things you can do in Iceland

What should you do during your stay in Iceland and where should you go? What activities can you do and what are the "must see" in Iceland?

Iceland is famous for its beautiful landscapes but also for its great variety of adventure excursions, so it can be difficult to choose where to start exploring. I am often asked for advice on what to do and where to go, so here are my top 12 of the best things that can be done in Iceland.

12. Take a whale watching excursion

The whale - watching trips depart from Reykjavik, Akureyri and Húsavík in north Iceland and usually only last a few hours. The whales are very beautiful to contemplate and being in the middle of the icy North Atlantic Ocean is an experience that makes you aware of the great mysteries and the power of the sea.

Whale breach
Photo: arcticseatours.is

11. Horse riding

Icelandic horses are so small that they are sometimes referred to as Icelandic ponies. There are several horseback excursions you can choose from in Iceland that last from a couple of hours to several days. Many people find it easier to ride them because of their small size. Icelandic horses are beautiful and gentle creatures.

Horse riding
Photo: www.extremeiceland.is

10. Enjoy the nightlife in Reykjavík

After an intense tourist day, there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious dinner in one of Reykjavík's quality restaurants. And if you still have some energy left, you can always discover the nightlife! This can be very intense.

Photo: wowair.us

9. Visit Lake Mývatn in Northern Iceland

Lake Mývatn presents an incredible beauty. Enjoy walking through the rocks of Dimmuborgir and contemplating the surrounding beauty. You can also take a bath in Mývatn's natural baths.

Lake Mývatn
Photo: guidetoiceland.is

8. Relax in the Blue Lagoon Spa (Blue Lagoon)

A visit to the Blue Lagoon is almost obligatory. It is the best way to relax after a holiday full of activities. Immerse yourself in the milky blue waters, order a drink at the bar or treat yourself to a massage. The Blue Lagoon is near the airport, so if you have a flight in the afternoon or at night it is ideal to make the last stop. Check out these trips to the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon
Photo: www.rayburntours.com

7. Visit the Dettifoss waterfall in Northern Iceland

To the northeast of Iceland is the most breathtaking waterfall, Dettifoss. It is often chosen as a favorite place for movies and was the opening scene of the Prometheus feature film. This thunderous waterfall will leave you breathless. This excursion, which begins at Lake Mývatn, not only takes you to Dettifoss but also to the dazzling Ásbyrgi canyon and the rocky area of Hljóðaklettar in the vicinity, do not miss it!

Dettifoss waterfall
Dettifoss waterfall

6. Visit the West Fjords (West Fjords)

The Western Fjords are in the most remote area of Iceland, off the circular road No. 1, so it will take a while to get there. If you decide to rent a car and explore on your own, you will find narrow fjords, incredible beaches, picturesque fishing villages and several hot springs. Ísafjörður is the largest city in the Western Fjords, where you can take long hiking routes to Hornstrandir or embark on a day trip to kayak with seals. Is not it great? Ísafjörður also has an incredible seafood restaurant, Tjöruhúsið, which you should not miss.

West Fjords
West Fjords

5. Visit the Thorsmork Valley and go hiking on a volcano

The valley of Þórsmörk is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in Iceland. This lush valley is full of capricious rock formations and from the top of the surrounding mountains, you can enjoy spectacular views.

Thorsmork Valley
Photo: iceland.nordicvisitor.com

4. Enjoy the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

The Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon on the south coast of Iceland is a large body of water populated by icebergs of different sizes floating in its interior with many shades of blue and white, surrounded by black sand beaches full of seals.

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
Photo: Andreas Wonisch

3. Immerse yourself in a pool or warm water spring

Whether in the Blue Lagoon, the Mývatn Natural Baths, the heated beach of ( Nauthólsvík ), a natural hot spring, a swimming pool in Reykjavík or in the middle of the countryside - take a dip in one of Iceland's geothermal waters ( less in one) is an essential activity!

Mývatn Natural Baths
Mývatn Natural Baths

2. Walk the Golden Circle on snowmobiles or practice snorkeling

Everyone who visits Iceland should visit the Golden Circle, which although it is quite a tourist place is worth seeing. The Golden Circle includes the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall, the thermal springs of Geysir and the old parliament of Iceland in the Parqueingvellir National Park, where two continental tectonic plates meet.

Golden Circle
Photo: www.extremeiceland.is

1. See northern lights

If you are in Iceland in winter, do not forget to look at the sky during dark nights when the sky is clear. A fantastic display of northern lights is something that many people want to cross off their wish list. Here you can find all our excursions to see northern lights.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

With these types of activities to do, this should put Iceland squarely on your bucket list.

Here are other things you can do in Iceland:


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