Bucket List item: Zip Lining over the Costa Rican Jungle

It took some time, but I did it.  I finally got to go zip lining.  One more thing checked off my bucket list.  While we are here in Guanacates, Costa Rica we took an excursion to Buena Vista del Rincon on an all day excursion that included going to the hot springs, taking a mud bath, sliding down an extremely long water slide and horseback riding.  But the highlight was ziplining over the tropical rain forest.

This is the Buena Vista del Rincon Eco Adventures park and it is worth every cent spent to enjoy this day long adventure.  This happens to be the rainy season but I think it made it all the better since the weather wasn't too hot and it just gave the rain forest the deepest green.

We will do a more detailed review once we get home.

Here you can find more information at their website.