fbpx Casa En El Agua: Hostel in the ocean

Casa En El Agua: Hostel in the ocean

Can you envision a place where the sea is so warm, the sun is so bright, and the sky is so clear that it doesn't feel real? A little paradise cut off from the rest of the world, but where people from all over the world congregate?? This location exists! A place too good to be true here, in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean. They spend their days lounging and resting, merely keeping time with one gorgeous sunset after another and sharing the positive energy of others around them. Do you have any doubts? It's called Casa En El Aqua. Come and take a look...

Colombian Hostel In The Middle Of The Ocean

Casa En El Agua is an eco-friendly hostel in Colombia that is well-known for its unique location: it is situated on an island in the middle of the ocean.

Casa En El Agua: Hostel in the ocean
Photo: casaenelagua.com

The backpacker hostel

This backpacker hostel, The Casa en el Agua, is located on the San Bernardo Islands, which are only a two-hour boat ride from Cartagena. It's a 25-year-old timber house built on a concrete base beneath the seawater that used to be a Colombian vacation home. The archipelago consists of eleven small islands with white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The hostel is an island in and of itself, so you can literally jump into the water and have the island trip of your dreams!

Little Hostel built on two stories

Are you the type who enjoys beaches, exotic islands, mingling, being the life of the party, and mixing it up? If that's the case, our hostel is the place for you! Casa en el Agua is a little hostel built out of two stories, the bottom of which is an open common space with the bar, sun loungers, an open deck with hammocks strung around it, and the kitchen. The private rooms and dorms are on the second floor.

Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere by taking a plunge in the crystal clear Caribbean seas from the first-floor deck. Soak up the sun, turn up the music, and get the drinks flowing to detox your mind and body.

Casa En El Agua
photo: casaenelagua.com

8 Bedroom Hostel

Hammocks, dorm rooms, and a single apartment are among the housing possibilities. An 8-bed dorm, a private room with double beds, a private room with a king-size bed, and hammocks are all available. Yes, this is one of the first places where you can hire a hammock as well. If you have back problems, however, we recommend that you choose the bed.

There is no running water at the hostel, so you'll have to bathe with fresh water, and each person is only permitted one bucket of water, which could be a challenge, but you could always take a dip in the ocean to save water!

They offer composting toilets for number 1 and number 2 that are designed for different purposes. Isn't that amusing?

Hostel with activities

Don't worry if you're scared about being stranded on an island with nothing to do. They can arrange boat trips to Tintipan Beach, an island tour of the three largest islands, a tour of the Islote, the world's most crowded island, a nighttime snorkeling trip to see the sparkling plankton, or even snorkeling during the day in the nearby mangroves. Kayaking is also available for $20 COP (1,407) for one hour.

You can participate in watersports such as stand-up paddleboarding, which allows you to glide quietly across the sea while working your abs, legs, buttocks, and arms. It costs $20 COP per hour (1,407) to rent. Wakeboarding, Disc-Go, and Subwing are some of the other sports available. You may practically fly underwater like an agile dolphin by grabbing onto the wings towed by a speedboat, which will propel you ahead and make you swim past the creatures in the sea.

There is no Wifi at the hostel, so prepare for a complete digital detox. Pack a book or connect with the other guests at the hostel to make new friends.

Casa En El Agua
Photo: casaenelagua.com

Hostel Food

Enjoy daily fresh seafood at the restaurant, as well as a delicious breakfast delivered daily by Islote fishermen who will catch the freshest fish, crabs, lobsters, and octopus for you. Breakfast is included in the package, but lunch and dinner must be purchased separately. If you want to have lunch or dinner, you must sign up one hour ahead of time; it includes seafood, rice, or whatever else is being cooked that day.  Being in the middle of the ocean guarantees the freshest fish on a daily basis.

What is the best way to get to the hostel?

The most convenient and straightforward method to get there is by boat from Cartagena; it's a 2-hour voyage that's owned and operated by the Casa, and it's well-organized and on schedule.  This way, you don't have to do a lot of checking around to get the best transportation to the hostel.

What you should know

It's advisable to book ahead of time because it sells out quickly; their website's booking window opens only 60 days in advance. The hostel also has limited capacity because of its small size, so they urge that you bring only what you need and leave the rest on the mainland.

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