Cool ass idea: Barbershop with a Secret Speakeasy

Las Vegas is just plain old cool.  Barbershops are cool.  And whiskey is cool.  All together creates something that is just a cool ass idea.  Inside the Cosmopolitan, there is a brand new barbershop that has a hidden speakeasy.  Cool right?  It's called The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails.

David J. Crewe

While at the shop, you can get a classic haircut, beard trim or straight razor shave. With each treatment, you will also get the chance to sip on a complimentary selection of whiskey and beer.  This is during the day, but, come night time the shop transforms into the speakeasy, taking you back to a more fascinating era of Old Las Vegas. 

David J. Crewe

The secret entrance to the speakeasy is through the janitor's closet.  There you will be greeted with a vintage 1800's mahogany bar from Kentucky that serves an efficient list of whiskey and bourbon cocktails along with other craft liquors, beer, and wine. The whiskey selection, from all over the world is vast, about four pages long.



There is also a lounge area with plush leather chairs and couches where you can enjoy live entertainment of a rotating list of bands and DJs as you sip on your dignified whiskey.  There's even karaoke night on Tuesday.

David J. Crewe

The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails has created a game-changing concept that anyone visiting Las Vegas should want to experience.  Shave, haircut, a nice cocktail, and some live entertainment, all in one, just make for a cool ass idea.

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