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Cool Ass Idea: The Robot Restaurant

Johnny Sokko's Giant Robot.  The Iron Giant.  Bender from Futurama.  Robbie the Robot.  If you're like me, you love robots.  Robots are just a "cool as idea".

Hidden away in the red light district on the neon-drenched streets of Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district, is the Robot Restaurant a brightly glimmering establishment in comparison with neighborhood’s other businesses. You are greeted by two gigantic female robots at the entrance and this really sets the tone for the surreal adventure you are about to experience.

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What better approach to get understanding into the local peculiarities and study the distractions of Japanese than to submerge yourself into the themed scene of the city? The decision is tremendous and charged, albeit one that emerges and leaves you in a mind-altering state is the Robot Restaurant. 

It's an obvious fact that Tokyo is a multi-faceted city. It's agreeable, tranquil and business-like during the daytime, while as the sunsets, the cityscape transforms into a neon gleam and staid lanes of the rambling city transform into a vivid wonderland.

Dining at Robot Restaurant
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Basically promoted among expats by Anthony Bourdain's show Parts Unknown, Robot Restaurant has aroused the interests of local people and vacationers alike and has been positioned as one of the top attractions and themed diversions in Tokyo.  To state it was a tactile overload will be putting it mildly. The show was intense, odd, peculiar and amusingly engaging at the same time.  This is an unquestionably required must-see!


DJ Robot
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Separated into four segments, the room is loaded up with a display of LED screens with anime-style illustrations, blinding laser and electronic impacts, very cool cutting edge chrome bicycles, tremendous jokesters.  The divas in glittery smaller than normal dresses and knee-high boots and gigantic Transformer-esque robots are a sight to behold. The show tosses rationale out of the window, it's absolutely arbitrary and nothing bodes well yet it is essentially wonderful. This is not a drug, it's a show.

The whole first act is an all-out taiko drumming war, with the young ladies pulsating their hearts out to the drums. 

The insanity proceeds in the accompanying demonstrations when timberland and water characters fight a detestable armed force. Kung-Fu Panda on a cow? Not an issue! The flame breathing dinosaur battling robots? Check! Each and every trick was crazier than the last one. 

There was an entire group in obscurity controlling the robots with rehearsed skill. There were an astonishing straightforwardness and elegance these gigantic machines moved with. 

Generally, the vitality originating from the entertainers was irresistible and the show is an unadulterated siege of the faculties.  It was a genuine mind-bending experience and the one you will always remember.

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Robot Restaurant

If you are looking for a dining experience that can not be experienced anywhere else on this big beautiful planet Earth, the Robot Restaurant is something us fans of the autonomous kind need to be a part of at least once in our lives.