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Cool Ass Idea: Stargazing on a Train

Have you ever seen those amazing pictures where you can see the Milky Way from Earth?  Those mind-boggling images where you see an infinite array of stars and galaxies?  I love those pictures and I've always wanted to see this for myself.  But, I live in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  The DMV which stands for DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  This is a major city and there is, what is called light pollution.  So, we can't get these reality-altering views of the universe.  

There are, however, many opportunities around the world to personally experience these stunning views.  Four hours north of Las Vegas you can get unobstructed views of the stunningly starry night skies.  In a town called Ely, Nevada, where the Nevada Northern Railway Museum’s Great Basin Star Train departs you can get your wish to see the Milky Way granted. 

This historic train will take you east of the town of Ely to a site where you can get one of the most amazing unobstructed views of the Milky Way.  You spend about two and a half hours gazing upon the infinite expanse of the universe before heading back to Ely in the railway's bunkhouse or the working train caboose.

The train runs every year between May and September on select Fridays. The tours for 2019 are already sold out.   There are no waitlists.   You can buy tickets for the 2020 summer season after the 2019 season ends this fall.

Tickets cost $41 for adults 13 and older, and $20 for children four to 12 years old. A night in the caboose or bunkhouse costs $60 per person and there is a one-time reservation and cleaning fee of $39.

Photo: flickr.com/photos/joshuatreenp/18868103355