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Frontier Airlines: Should You Buy That Cheap Ticket?

Frontier Airlines is a budget airline that flies 80 cities in the United States, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Many times, when they are celebrating a milestone, they offer domestic-flights for only $15.

You have to know that when you fly with a budget airline they will charge you for everything. including:

  • Carry-on Bags
  • Printing your tickets
  • Food and drinks
  • Checked Luggage and more

Frontier Airlines was founded in June 1950. But the Frontier we all know, the second iteration, was created in 1994. In 2008 they filed for bankruptcy, and in 2009 it was purchased by Republic airlines, and now, Frontier is adding more direct flights to more cities and it is expanding their services all around.

Before you decide if it is worth it to fly with Frontier Airlines here are five things you need to know.


Business Trips

Frontier Airlines is not your best option if you are going on a business trip. Space is limited so you can’t work with your laptop, plus there is no WiFi.

Besides, there is a possibility to arrive at your destiny late because they don’t always departure on time.

If you are a business traveler and you need to fly for more than 1 hour Frontier airlines is not the one for you.

Paying Extra For A Seat

Frontier airlines give you the option to pay for your seat. The fee starts at $6 for a standard seat and $20 for a seat near the front of the plane with more space for legs. When you buy the seats during checking in you will pay $5 more.

Now if you are traveling alone or don’t mind sitting anywhere, you don’t have to pay at all. So consider this when deciding if Frontier is for you.

Frontier Airplanes
Frontier photo: Matt Staver—Bloomberg/Getty Images

Paying for Carry-Ons and Checked Bag

When you travel with Frontier Airlines they will charge you for your carry-on and your checked bag. To know if you are saving money you need to compare the price you pay for the Frontier ticket and the checked bags and the ticket price for the competition. If you are paying less it could be worth it.

A good thing about Frontier is that if you decide to bring a carry-on you will usually find space to store it.

Food and Drinks

You need to know that water is the only item that Frontier offers for free. If you want snacks, sodas or alcoholic beverages you need to pay for them.

For $2.99 you could buy snacks, chocolates, soft drinks, juices, and mixers. If you want wine, beer, and spirits you will pay $7.99.

A good tip is to bring your snacks and sandwiches on board with you.

They offer children packs for $3.99 that includes a snack, cookies, chocolates, and a trading card.

If you want to pay with credit cards you have to consider that there are only available for inflight purchases.

Frontier Counter
Frontier Counter


Frontier Airlines have seven out of seven safety stars, so you don’t have to worry about your safety. Not because they are a budget airline the will compromise your safety you can fly securely with them.

No Entertainment

You should know that Frontier Airlines does not entertain on board so bring your own.

Consider that the seats do not recline at all so it may be difficult for you to pass the time by sleeping.

Your best option to entertain yourself is to bring a book or a tablet. If not it could be incredibly boring.


Frontier could be a good option to save money, especially if you are traveling with the whole family.

One tip to save if you are flying with your family is to only bring small backpacks with snacks, a book, a change of clothes and a neck pillow to make your trip more comfortable. Then just pay to check one big suitcase for the whole family. You could end up saving $150 by doing this.

The good thing about Frontier is that they have excellent customer service and the flight attendants are nice and they do their best to accommodate as many passengers as they could.

It is important to know what you are getting and what you are not when you fly with Frontier this way yo know what to expect.