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Google Flights New Flight Delay Predictor

Google Will Notify You of Travel Delays

Have you ever spent your last day of vacation on the beach or in the mountains and wished it could last a little longer? Well, Google Flights may be able to help you out with extending a vacation or save you the hassle and stress of rushing to the airport only to wait several hours for a delayed flight.

Google Flights: Travel Planning & Now Delay Prediction

The platform launched in 2011, is adding to its already robust offerings of an all-in-one travel tool. In addition to travel recommendations, trip itineraries, and travel packages, Google Flights now features flight delay prediction. The app already provides the reasons for delays and is now predicting the delays themselves.

80% Confidence Before Alerting You

Combining historic flight status data and Google’s learning algorithm, Google Flights will give you a heads up that your flight may be delayed even before the airlines can offer this information. And you won’t have to worry about too many false alarms because the app will only share a flight delay prediction when the algorithm is 80% confident.

Managing Travel Expectations

While Google still recommends arriving at the airport with plenty of time in advance of your flight’s departure, they’re hoping to help travelers not only manage expectations but also suffer less from the element of surprise. Ultimately, travelers should still follow the airline’s instructions.

To use the delay prediction feature, search for your flight (or the airline and flight route), and then the app will populate the following details in your search results:

Google Flight app
Google Flight app

Cheapest Fare

Along with the flight delay prediction feature, Flights is also rolling out another tool helping travelers find the cheapest fare possible. To avoid any “gotchas” like charges for overhead bin space or charges for choosing a seat, the app brings these surprises to the surface of your search. So far, it offers the cheapest fare feature for American, Delta, and United flights.

Flight App
Flight App

Revisiting the Features

While you’re trying out Google Flights’ new delay prediction and cheapest flights rollouts, revisit the platform’s search options. You can search for up to 7 departures and 7 destinations, which saves you all of that time and energy switching between potential plans.

Not to mention, Google Flights also shows you dates when you can find lower prices for an entire month. Click on the Date Grid to show the cheapest and most expensive days to fly, in green and red respectively. If your travel plans are flexible, Google Flights can find you the best fare for your travel.

If you want to keep an eye on flight prices, you can set the tracking prices tool, which will send you an email when prices increase or decrease. The Google Flights features are endless: explore destinations with places, with dates, and with price. In addition to exploring destinations, explore Google Flights when planning your next trip. The platform offers exponential options.