How to Get the Best Deals on Hotels and Resorts

You are traveling to another city or country and everything is sorted out from packing to plane tickets. As you have saved some money from booking the cheapest flight possible, don’t waste it by overpaying for accommodations. 

Although there is no single method or app that can help you in getting excellent deals on hotels and resorts, there are different ways that can be used to save money. As prices of hotel rooms tend to change daily or even on an hourly basis (depending on the demand), you can also get the best deals by just picking up the phone calling the hotels directly. So, let’s have a look at some effective ways that can help you land the best deals on hotels and resorts: 

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Compare Sites and Deals

This is probably one of the most commonly used methods by travelers. There are many sites that give you an overview of all the hotels and resorts in your desired area. You can easily compare the sites and their deals to select the one that suits your needs. However, it is best to do some of your own research as well. It is because some hotels do not want to involve any third party and that’s why they offer the best deal only when you book via their site. 

Book Ahead and Hold Great Rates

Make sure you book a reservation if there is a “free cancellation”. However, you cannot be too casual as you must be sure of the cancellation policy and how long it is valid for. As there are many sites that offer free cancellation on most of their listings, it is a really effective way to get hold of a great rate.

Consider Business Hotels 

There are many business hotels in America and Europe that offer great deals. It is mainly because business tends to be slow during the summer months and on weekends. As these hotels mostly cater to business travelers, you can actually get a good deal.

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Look for Price Drops 

You can actually monitor the prices of various hotels and resorts and make a booking when the rates drop to a level that is perfect for your budget. However, it can be a time-consuming task. You can consider using some apps and websites that send alert notifications when prices drop. 

Consider Less Expensive Hotels

Okay, before you jump to any conclusions, you need to know that less expensive hotels normally provide more for less. It is mainly because they’re not on major search sites and are not paying commissions. This means that they generally offer good deals to their guests. Moreover, when you contact one of these less expensive hotels, it is quite often that you talk to the manager or owner who has the authority to offer a good discount. So, this option is definitely worth considering.

The Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for best deals on hotels and resorts, the internet is a good place to start and you can always use various sites that help in getting better deals. However, you cannot entirely depend on the internet and it is best to do some of your own research as well. Go old school and make some phone calls. 

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