fbpx How to Withdraw and Exchange Money During Your Vacation

How to Withdraw and Exchange Money During Your Vacation

Wherever you are heading, it is best to exchange currency before leaving your home country. Basically, the currency exchange counters in your home country operate similarly to those overseas. While counters located in less traffic areas offer favorable rates, notable destinations offer steeper rates. 

You may save more cash when you withdraw at home than from any ATM outside the country. This entitled you the privilege to bypass transaction fees abroad other than having better rates over your local banks. However, there may be not enough foreign currency in their respective stash. Withdrawal of small amounts would be viable for withdrawal at a foreign currency exchange counters.   

Use the ATM at Your Destination

Once you arrive at your destination airport, there will be ATMs, banks, and currency exchange services readily available for you at the airport. You can use Airportbanking to find its exact location, service hours and other info. Get a great deal on currency exchange when you withdraw cash at any foreign ATM. Using ATMs is a lot more convenient aside from its fair rates. You will be given the perks of justifiable rates and accessibility.

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Exchange Currency Using Money Changers

You can always use a currency converter online to find the exact rates and how much you will be getting in local currency in advance. There’s no uniform rate among the currency exchange agencies. What usually happens is that some of them take advantage as they tend to increase their currency rate due to their accessibility and convenience. Be mindful of the decimal value of the money you are about to exchange because some counters will try to screw you. Exchangers located in airports present expensive exchange rates. 

Currency Exchange Useful Tips and Advice

Get the best currency conversion rates while traveling overseas. Here are some tips and advice to help you with this.

  • Withdraw at a local ATM using your debit card when you need cash. Research on how your bank charges for ATM withdrawals outside your home country.
  • Get your credit card for your purchases and make sure that does not impose foreign transaction fees. 
  • Prevent making your exchange fair enough. Currency kiosks din the airport rarely offer favorable rates upon money exchange. 
  • Never allow foreign merchants to charge you in the U.S. currency. Oftentimes, the exchange rate is poor because of the dynamic currency conversion. 
  • If you are doing a cash advance, refrain from using your credit card. Many credit card companies may charge you high-interest rates and fees. Note that the cash advance interest starts right after. 
  • Also, it is critical to have back-up plans A, B, C as unfortunate things can happen anytime, anywhere. Bring with you your debit card or credit card for easy money transfer. 

Wherever you are heading, it is best to exchange currency before leaving your home country. Yes, you can exchange currency at your destination but there are countries charging currency exchange at high rates. Research about the exchange currency at your destination and you’re good to go.


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