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Incredible Resort: Moon Palace - Cancun, Mexico

The Moon Palace Cancun is one of the largest and the most exquisite resorts located in the region of Riviera Maya and Cancun. It’s a generously spacious resort with four complexes and over two thousand rooms which are plentiful for everyone. The resort is fabulous, with a massive site. If you don’t want to miss out on anything, be sure to acquaint yourself with the map.

There is a total of three beautiful lobbies by the names of Sunrise, Nizuc, and Grand. For the first two mentioned lobbies, the amenities can be exchanged, which means all bars, restaurants plus services are available at both Sunrise and Nizuc.  The grand lobby is newly opened, a bit more high-end and lavish which implies that you can avail all services available entirely, even those at the other two resorts.

The resort is ten minutes away from Cancun Airport so you wouldn’t have to put much expense into transport as the hotel is a quick getaway. The Resort is also located on the beach. The beach is extensive and breezy. You can go swimming or just take a walk on the shore anytime you like. You can also stopover other Palace resorts in the range, however, the expense for conveyance is not included. Nevertheless, you can spend any day at any of the sister resorts at liberty by entering your wristbands.


The food and drink assortment is extremely impressive with the finest quality and the most authentic cuisine I have ever tasted. There are more than 10 restaurants, a dessert bar, and plenteous snack along with 24/7 room service! There is no reservation necessary at the buffet restaurants in addition to a-la-carte restaurants. If you are a drinking kind of a person, then there are more than 8 bars options available to you with a variety of alcohol, live music, and good vibe all around. You can even choose the bar set to your mood as there are lobby bars as well as pool bars with a great environment. During my stay, we never ran out of options to eat and try new things, so the food is one of the factors which made our visit worth it.

The rooms are expansive, airy and well-structured. You can get a room of your choice from the options of a king-size bed, double beds or even a feature which includes a double jacuzzi. All of the rooms are equipped with balconies and the most exquisite landscape views. There is a 24/7 room service you can avail, a coffee-maker and also a mini alcohol bar with a drink dispenser. You can get smaller rooms if you’re alone and if you’re visiting with family or friends, you can access the Family Suites option which has one room with king-sized beds which is connected to two more rooms with double beds. It’s a wonderful option if you have kids with you as it would be spacious enough for you as a family. Wireless internet is available in every room and throughout the entire resort.


There are also clubs for every demographic on the resort! There is a kid’s club for the young ones up to the age of 12. As someone who was traveling with family, the kids never got bored as there were numerous activities and entertainment accessible from arts and crafts to even a movie theater! How cool is that? And if you’re traveling with teens, fret not. There is a teen club as well consisting of movie area, video games lounge, and various other indoor games such as pool, air hockey, etc. There is also an ice-cream parlor and an arcade area, literal heaven for teens. There is a night club for adults with dancing and drinking! If all of that is still not enough for you, the resort has mini-golf, spa, swimming pools, fitness, and sports center and much more! It is also equipped with all kinds of services for disabled people.

My stay at the resort was entirely wonderful. If you are looking for a stress-free holiday with lots of entertainment, activities, eating and other luxuries, The Moon Palace Cancun should definitely be your go-to and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice vacation-stay.

Visit the Moon Palace website to plan your stay.



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