5 Best Places for Budget Travel

Whether your destination is naturally inexpensive or there are inexpensive routes to traveling your normally expensive region, you can find a way to travel on a budget. Every corner of the globe offers a discount pass to the budget traveler even if you have to look a little harder than usual. From Europe to Asia to a stop in Central America with a couple of island countries in between, you can keep your budget travel in check while enjoying the best the world has to offer. Check out these spots that allow you to stretch your wallet.


Despite growing in popularity, Portugal is still affordable for its region. This popularity has driven up prices in Lisbon, but once outside the capital city, you can enjoy stunning beaches complete with cliffs, a tour through wine country, delicious dining, and friendly locals in historic cities for a fraction of the cost in neighboring countries. While you may have a lot more fellow travelers crowding your space, Portugal is worth it.

South Korea

At an exchange rate of 1,100 won per $1USD, South Korean goods and services cost only a few thousand won, making it a bargain traveler's dream. With prices rivaling those of Southeast Asia, South Korea offers everything a high-tech country has at a deeply discounted rate. Outside of the cities, you can marvel at the countryside, and inside of the cities, you can exploit the vibrant nightlife when you’re not partaking in inexpensive and delicious food, especially Korean BBQ. Traveling by train is inexpensive, and you have a variety of international flights to get you there.


The trick to traveling Australia on a budget is to take advantage of the lesser-known paths.

Starting with the budget backpacker trail, you can also leverage Couchsurfing hosts and work exchange options to keep your budget in check. And with a 20% drop in the Australian dollar, now is the time to make your move.


An emergent backpacking community makes Fiji newly affordable with the backpacker-accompanying discount guesthouses, transportation, and visitor activities. You can enjoy island beaches, world-renowned diving, and the local seafood alongside your resort neighbors without the $1000/night price tag. The popular Yasawa Islands are an especially budget-friendly piece of the archipelago.

Central America

While you may want to avoid their pricier neighbors, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama, the remaining countries of Central America, namely El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, offer discount hotels at $15 per night plus meals for $3. Your bus ride will cost about the same as your meal while your beer will go for less than $1.

In addition to your budget prices, you can enjoy the same sights that the more expensive Central American countries offer, including explorations through ancient ruins, hikes through the jungle, surfing and beachgoing, and delicious cuisine with fewer tourists than the high-price neighbors. A backpacker can live on $40 per day, and if you really go wild, you can still get by on $60 per day.