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7 Best hotels in Thailand

This resplendent place with beautiful tropical forests, hundreds of kilometers of beautiful white sand beaches, fantastic mountains and imposing cliffs, Thailand has a natural attraction that attracts visitors from all over the world. All this amount of tourists need equally magical places to stay and that is why we want to introduce you to the 7 best hotels in Thailand.

From the beautiful southern islands full of coral reefs and throbbing urban centers like Bangkok to the fantastic northern mountains full of farmers and hill tribes, this Southeast Asian country has something to offer each of its visitors.

Thousands of temples known as Wats rise on the landscape horizon and can be found even in the smallest villas in the country. Without a doubt, visitors have a lot to see and enjoy in this place, especially because they are welcomed by friendly locals who will do their best to make you feel at home. 

1.- Sri Panwa Hotel, Phuket 

The architects at Sri Panwa in Phuket have taken advantage of all the advantages of the mountain hanger. Overflowing and enveloping pools surround the suites with glass screens, allowing guests to pass directly from the bedroom to the water with nothing but the air and the sea behind them.

Seven restaurants and a cooking school can be found on-site, in addition to a spa. The bar has sea views and the best first-class spirits to enjoy. With easy access to the beach and every need you can think of satisfying, it is very likely that guests never want to leave. All this and more makes it belong to the list of best hotels in Thailand.

2.- Banyan Tree Bangkok

This is the highest luxury hotel in Bangkok and has spectacular views and exceptional facilities. Banyan Tree Bangkok is located in Sathorn, near the shopping and entertainment area of ​​Silom.

Perfectly prepared so that guests can enjoy all the cultural wonder that Bangkok offers, the hotel is full of luxury to enjoy and rest after a long day. A rooftop bar on the 61st floor allows breathtaking views and for all guests, there is access to exercise areas, spas, a ballroom, meeting room and a rooftop dining room. 

3.- Our Jungle House, Khao Sok

For those who never had a treehouse, or for those who want to live that experience again, this is the perfect place to stay in Thailand. Deep in the jungle of Khao Sok, Our Jungle House offers a series of bungalows like tree houses as well as jungle cabins for those who prefer to have their feet on the ground.

Eco-tours, jungle walks during the night, and sites to observe tropical birds and elephants are just some of the things you can enjoy in this beautiful complex. A restaurant and a bar, wifi, and spa services are also available to guests. Definitely an excellent experience among the best hotels in Thailand.

4.- W Retreat Koh Samui

The W is very clear about what is perfect before making it happen, this is evidenced by his place of withdrawal Koh Samui Retreat. Nine miles of private beach and 74 private villas with pool give each guest the privacy they are looking for while providing access to all the necessary amenities. The bars offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fitness classes can be found, as well as different menus of both Asian and other types of food are just some of the things that can be found in this resort.

The days you spend in this magnificent hotel can go on grills or barbecues on the shore of the beach and even cooking classes or, of course, enjoying the endless water activities that can be enjoyed, to put it easier, if someone does not know Have fun in this place, it's because you don't know how to do it.

5.- The Peninsula Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok offers luxury, tranquility and beauty, along with some extras. It is located along the Chao Phraya River with an impressive view of the royal palace. This hotel has won numerous awards for the luxury of its services including the number one hotel in the city of Asia and the best hotel in Bangkok.

Due to the W-shaped structure presented by the hotel, there is a view of the river from each of its 370 rooms. Peninsula Academy offers the opportunity to learn more about Thailand in more depth by offering classes about culture and excursions to highlight the environmental importance of coastal mangroves. These beautiful views make it one of the best hotels in Thailand.

6.- Veranda High Resort, Chiang Mai

The Veranda High Resort located in the mountains on the outskirts of the northern city of Chiang Mai has managed to mix traditional and contemporary design in the two sections of the complex, an old and a modern one. Contemporary galleries are available for those who want to enjoy the spectacular views from the mountain that offer views of large areas of rainforests and terraced crops, things that can be seen from the balconies.

The traditional area is a great design example of Northern Thailand. Guests of Veranda High Resort can enjoy programs for children, learn to be a farmer in a local rice field or rent mountain bikes to explore on their own.

7.- Banyan Tree Samui 

There are many reasons to come to Koh Samui, to dive, snorkel and enjoy an island where the beach blends with the rainforest. For those looking for a refuge to escape the common, Banyan Tree is the ideal place to stay. This chain is based on local architecture, and in this case, they have built a complex on a hillside that hangs towards the cliff above a small bay.

This provides beautiful panoramic views everywhere, including in its spectacular rooms. The place can be very steep and requires going up and down a lot of stairs, but you will find very friendly staff in free golf carts with drivers to help visitors get where they need to go. As a family resort, this place offers children's programs, babysitting, and a children's pool area. Without a doubt one of the best hotels in Thailand.


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