fbpx Always Be Earning: Reward Points during Coronavirus crisis

Always Be Earning: Reward Points during the Coronavirus lockdown

Turning a bad situation into a positive.  Always be earning reward points.  No matter the situation.

All of us travel lovers are currently in the same boat with the Coronavirus spreading throughout the world.  A lot of us are under "shelter in place" right now.  Those who are fortunate enough can work from home, like my wife.  But there are those who are out of work.

This situation doesn't have to be a total loss for us.  While you are home, you still have expenses you need to pay. No matter the circumstances, you can always be earning points (#alwaysbeearningpoints).  

Currently, I use my Capital One Venture card and my Marriott Bonvoy card to pay for all of my expenses especially everyday things like grocery shopping.  So, I may not be able to leave the house (we do go for walks and go to the grocery store), I am still earning points that will go to our next adventure.  I still pay the majority of my bills with these cards even with autopay (just got an email for the payment to Sprint).  So, every day I am still earning reward points.


You can even turn emergencies into a positive one.  For example, I just had a situation where one of the outlets in my house burned out and I had to contact my warranty company.  I have to pay $75 for an electrician to come out.  Using my Capital One Venture card, I'll earn 150 points (2 points for every dollar spent).  This is turning a bad situation into a positive one.

You can also earn points without spending money.  When I have some down time and not doing much I like to do surveys at MyPoints.com.  If you qualify for certain surveys you can earn anywhere from 10 up to 500 points.  The amount of points you get is based on the length of the survey, anywhere from 5 minutes up to 60.  Of course making purchases with their partner businesses will earn you more points.  I earned over 12k points for refinancing student loans.  

This is what vacation mode is about.  Using all of the tools in your arsenal to make travel cheaper and more frequent and at times completely free.

What expenses, even unexpected ones, can you take advantage of during this time of Coronavirus incarceration?  What things are you doing while home to earn more #rewardpoints?

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