fbpx Passport mistakes that could leave you stranded

Passport mistakes that could leave you stranded at the border

All trips, even that great ideal trip that you have dreamed of so much, can become a disaster if you fall into one of the most common mistakes travelers often make. The most meticulously planned trip is also subject to blunder: loading with excessive luggage or miscalculating the transfer time to the airport. These are some basic tips to practice smart tourism and make the most of every minute to avoid passport mistakes.

 Mistake # 1: Put everything in the suitcase, "just in case"

You must always travel light, avoiding carrying more than you can load yourself. Outside heavy bags or lots of bumps. It is advisable to make a list before leaving with the essentials and not to include in the suitcase anything that does not appear on the list. Unless you travel to a very remote place, you can always buy at the destination what is needed and solve the unexpected.  This is one of the big passport mistakes.

Mistake # 2: Do not book enough connection time between flights

Connections can give many dislikes, so it is better to calculate at least an hour and a half between flights to significantly reduce the chances of losing flights or luggage. Shortly after a flight is delayed or if the airport is very large or complex, extra time will be needed. Do not rely too much on the weather forecasts indicated by the airlines and it is better than not missing, as the saying goes. It is a way to avoid stress, stress, dislikes, and expenses.

Mistake # 3: Do not apply for a passport with sufficient time

Sometimes we believe that in the era of the internet and Europe without borders, passports and borders are over. But it's not like that. It is advisable to look in advance if the passport is in order or if it must be renewed (some countries require at least six months of validity to enter). On the other hand, there are countries that require passports to have enough blank pages for visas.

To this, we must add the issue of visas, much more complex since there are countries that require several weeks to issue it. It is essential to keep these details in mind if we do not want to have a serious dislike. Information from the Ministry of Interior on passport issuance can be found here.


Mistake # 4: Do not check well where the hotel is

A poorly chosen hotel can be a significant waste of time and money. When booking, it's not all about price. It is advisable to check very well if the hotel, hostel or apartment is well connected to the center and if it is in the area where one is really going to move. Sometimes what you save at the hotel is later spent on transportation. In addition, a well-located hotel will allow, for example, to make a stop in the day of visits and have a drink or rest, which saves also in bars and food.

Mistake # 5: Try to do too many things in one trip

"If today is Tuesday, this is Belgium." An old film ridiculed tourists travel in Europe with this expressive title. And it seems a lie, but it is still traveling like this as if it were to be the only trip of life. Do not be anxious: take advantage more knowing a destination thoroughly than trying to cover a lot. Only in this way can you enjoy simple pleasures, such as observing people, relaxing having a coffee in the open air, spending some time tasting the gastronomy or practicing some original sport or activity. Good planning will allow you to see the essentials but will also allow time to simply waste time.

And another tip: why insist on planning a trip visiting museum after museum if that is not a usual activity in the country of origin? No one is examined around what has been seen. So why insist on doing things that you really don't feel like doing?

Mistake # 6: Base the choice of the hotel on the promotional photos

Any hotel can use a good camera and a good approach to make your photos look fabulous. It is difficult to resist these beautiful images, and even those small details so attractively photographed with the right filters. But the reality can be very different. It is essential to contrast several sources, consult pages with comments from travelers, such as forums from Lonely Planet or the TripAdvisor pages. Although there is a great debate about the authenticity and reliability of the testimonials of travelers on TripAdvisor, the photos do not lie and these pages allow us to take a look at reality. There we can compare the "professional" photos with those taken by travelers. One source can falsify reality, two have it harder and many sources ... it is impossible for them to lie all at once.

Mistake # 7: Do not read all the details

The exchange networks of houses or accommodation of private apartments provide many details about the houses and also about the owners, but many travelers do not read them in detail and then they take surprises. Here it appears if pets are allowed, if they have a heating or air conditioning or if they have good communication. You have to read everything, until the end, and not just the price and the situation.

And the same could apply to many services, including tour packages. Sometimes you pay without knowing what is included in the price. By law, they are required to detail everything that they include, insurance, conditions for cancellation of service, compensation for non-compliance, etc. A reading of the "small print" can avoid many setbacks.


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