Did you ever come up with the idea to take a short-term vacation and pack your bags; book last minute flights spontaneously at the airport, while saving a lot of money at the same time?

Perhaps you have been in the situation yourself: where you stand with packed suitcases at the airport and you are aren’t quite sure about where the journey should lead. You are under pressure and you have to find an offer fast…

Most of us are familiar with the many colorful offers in the departure halls at the airport. Frequently promoters advertise cheap travel or supposed remaining seats, which are only available at bookings at the airport.

But are the last minute deals at the airport really as cheap as the tour operators have promised?

We have taken a closer look at the last minute offers at the airport with the offers of modern travel portals and travel blogs. We have also compiled a summary of what you should be mindful of when planning a last-minute journey and where to find the best deals.

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Last minute travel at the airport

The eye-catching signs at the airport promise you cheap flights, great hotels and a fantastic holiday. But are they really so?

According to the Commercial Code, tour operators must offer package tours everywhere at the same price. So there probably isn’t any low price guarantee for last minute travel at the airport. Most organizers simply put their offers together from remaining seats because airfields and hotel rooms are still available.

Do note that in most cases, flight travel providers use the same programs and data to generate their travel offers, be it at the travel agency or at the airport. So, what’s the way forward?


Today, the term is no longer exclusive to the lowest-priced offers. Last-minute simply means that you can spontaneously book a trip. And that could both correspond to the catalog price and be more expensive or cheaper.

Highly sought-after travel destinations are no longer a real offer, even on the "super-last-minute counter". If everyone wants to go to the UK at the same time, there will hardly be any remaining seats.

Nevertheless, they still exist, the bargains at the airport – but you have to be extremely flexible:

  • Choose less popular travel destinations
  • The offseason is the most effective
  • Unfavorable flight times (for example in the evening - back in the morning)

Do note that family spots in the plane or family rooms are extremely rare.

The advantage of booking directly at the airport offers you the flexibility to easily get in and fly away immediately. Up to one hour before departure, booking in a flight is possible.

Perhaps you are also wondering if last-minute travel on online travel portals and travel blogs is an alternative.

Well, if you want to travel immediately and you have no great demands on your destination, you can certainly find a cheap trip at the airport. But as soon as you stand in front of the counter at the airport, a concrete comparison of the prices is hardly possible.

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Today, modern online booking systems enable a constant comparison of offers. Residual flights and hotel rooms are recorded so quickly and can be quickly integrated into a website.

That's why online portals and travel blogs are a great alternative if you plan on traveling spontaneously. You will also have the opportunity to compare travel options and prices, as you will not be under pressure to go through the processes. And if you have to expedite things, you can easily do it over the telephone.

In any case, the last-minute over-the-counter purchase may not necessarily be cheaper than all other flight booking options that are available, today; unless you’ve got someone on the inside who’s got the magic wand.

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