Spirit Airlines is an American airline that offers ultra-low-cost (very affordable) flights. It was founded in 1980 in Detroit and its bases are in the airports of Fort Lauderdale (Florida) and Detroit (Michigan). Until 2001 it was operating flights across destinations within the United States, but from then on it began to expand its operations to other countries, starting with Costa Rica. Since then, this low cost airline can be found in 61 destinations including Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Spirit Airline’s fleet consists of over 100 aircraft; from the Airbus Company. The models include A320-200 and A319-100 – to help increase its destinations and frequencies.

Moreover, if you are planning on buying the Airline’s flight ticket for your next trip, it might be worth mentioning that this low cost airline offers its passengers the flexibility to check-in online or at the airport counters.


Here are some interesting reasons why you may want to consider flying Spirit Airlines…

Online check-in: Spirit Airlines allows you to check-in online from 24 hours before the flight departure until 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. To do so, you will need to enter your last name and the flight confirmation code. It is advisable to check-in online, since if you do not do so you may be required to pay $ 10 to check-in at the airport.

Also, do not forget to print the boarding pass obtained, because if you do it at the kiosks of the airport you will have to pay $ 2 or $ 10 if an airline agent does it for you.

Check-in at the Airport: Like other airlines, you can check-in at the Spirit Airlines’ counters located at the airport. Even if you have booked online, you could go to them, especially if you have luggage to check in the hold.

Spirit Counter
Spirit Counter


The airline's baggage policy seems to favor no-luggage or light-traveling passengers the most. Although passengers are allowed to carry hand luggage and check-in luggage, in almost all cases, it goes at a cost.

Hand Luggage: You are allowed to carry a small bag or wallet with a maximum dimension of 18 x14 x 8 (inches). Additional fees are demanded on larger packages that are kept within the cabin. The exact price, however, depends on the flight itself, and the period in which you make the space reservation.

Checked Baggage: if you want to check on Spirit Airlines flights, the price of checked baggage depends on the weight or size of the bag and the flight to be made. It is best to go to the web and check their prices. However, if the luggage reservation is made at the time of the flight reservation and at the time of check-in or earlier it is cheaper than if it is done at the airport or at the boarding gate.

Spirit plane
Spirit plane


You may not be able to select free seats on Spirit Airlines flights because the company itself assigns the seats at the time of check-in. Nevertheless, if you want to select your seat, you will have to pay an extra fee that goes from $ 1 to $ 50, depending on the flight you intend to take.

Big Front Seats

Situated at the front end of the cabin, and relatively more spacious and comfortable, the Big Front Seats do not have the middle row seats, which explains why they are wider and more comfortable. If you decide to occupy any of these seats, you can do so in advance by paying from $ 12 to $ 150, depending on the flight, or onboard payment from $ 25 to $ 175.

Spirit Airlines Reservation Fees

Getting a Spirit Airlines flight ticket through its website is cheaper than doing so through the Booking Center, as you will have to pay $ 35 for its management. In addition, if you have made a reservation in Colombia (South America), for instance, or you intend to fly from Colombia; there is an administrative charge of $ 15 to $ 95. Furthermore, making payment by credit or debit card through the Spirit Airlines website does not raise the price of the ticket.

On-Board Services at Spirit Airlines

In addition to Spirit Airlines' low-cost airline policy, you will not find any extra services. So, if you want to eat or drink something, you will have to acquire it when making the reservation or on the same plane. Similarly, there is no entertainment on board.

Punctuality of Spirit Airlines

The latest data from the FlightStats reference website indicates that 67% of Spirit Airlines flights arrived on time to their destination during the month of October and November 2019, making it one of the most punctual low-cost airline in North America.


While you may find some negative reviews of Spirit Airlines and no doubt some of them are justified. It is important to point out the obvious fact that several of those negative reviews are the result of travelers who did not do their homework. All Spirit Airlines’ potentially problematic baggage policies are clearly detailed on the airline's website.

Do not book a Spirit flight if you cannot deal with its many rules and long fare schedule. In fact, you will probably also make mistakes with other low-cost airlines.

If you can pay attention to the rules and find a low airfare, Spirit can be extremely helpful in making cheap travel plans for some fabulous vacation spots.

Did you fly on a Spirit Airline ticket, recently? Or you know someone who did. Please share your experience in the comment section below.


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