fbpx Top 10 Hotel Booking Hacks for Cheap Travel

Top 10 Hotel Booking Hacks for Cheap Travel

If you want to book a hotel via the cheapest route possible, we have the list for you. Not only do each of these ideas potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on your length of stay, but each of these suggestions only takes a minute of your time. Try out the following hotel booking hacks to find the cheapest stay for your next trip:

The Ask 

Call the hotel or even call a hotel staff member if you can find a name and title and ask if the hotel can offer a discount. While the person on the other end of the line may tell you of deals you’ve already found online, they may also provide a special deal or perhaps a complimentary upgrade. If you are staying in the hotel for more than a week, the hotel will be even more motivated to give you a deal. The answer is always “no” if you don’t ask.

Discounts by Membership

If you join AAA, you will enjoy hotel discounts, as well as car rental discounts around the globe. If you’re under the age of 35, an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) membership also provides savings worldwide.

Credit Card Points Buy Hotel Stays 

Just by signing up for a credit card or by spending a specified amount of money within a time period, you can reap instant points from your new credit card, allowing you to purchase your hotel room. Research the best offerings and sign up for your free stay.

Reward Cards
Reward Cards

Hotel Rooms with Airline Miles 

Yes, you can use your airline miles to purchase hotel rooms. Check out your airline rewards or miles website to redeem your points with a hotel stay purchase.

Yonderbound Pays for Hotel Reviews

Just as you can write reviews for Trip Advisor, you can also write reviews of accommodations for Yonderbound with one major difference: Yonderbound pays you for it! If a reader books with a hotel after reading your review, or your “travel story”, Yonderbound pays you 70% of the profit. Now, go book another hotel room with your paycheck and write another review!

Coupons for Hotels

Coupon sites such as Groupon and Living Social offer hotel deals, which are especially worthwhile if you’re searching for upscale accommodations.

Take Advantage of Cancellations

Sites like Roomer and Cancelon list cancellations as reduced priced accommodations. Swoop in on newly freed up and discounted rooms. 

Groupon LivingSocial
Groupon LivingSocial

Kayak Price Alerts

Sign up for Kayak’s price alerts for both specific hotels, as well as for your travel dates. You’ll receive an email notification when there’s a price drop.

Priceline Express Deals

If you like living on the edge, you can wait until the last minute and snag a hotel room on Priceline’s Express Deals. While you’ll save up to 60% off of your room, you’ll also live with the risk that you may not find one – the chance we take when saving big money!

Hotel Tonight – For Tonight

Whether you’ve decided to take a weekend getaway – on Friday afternoon - or you wanted to push your luck on your accommodation deals, Hotel Tonight is for you. Literally, you can book a hotel room for – tonight – at a discount!