fbpx Tour the Scottish countryside on the Hogwarts Express

Tour the Scottish countryside on the Hogwarts Express

On the off chance that you've ever longed for going to Hogwarts, here's your opportunity to get your train.  A "reality" Hogwarts Express is running among April and October to take all Potterheads on an excursion to tour the Scottish countryside, Travel Pirates announced.

There's evidently a genuine Hogwarts Express that will chug its way through the Scottish wide open this mid-year - sans Harry Potter, obviously.

Not at all like the anecdotal Hogwarts Express that leaves from Platform 9 3/4 from Kings Cross Station, this train is worked by West Coast Railways and withdraws from Fort William outside of Glasgow and takes a beautiful two-hour excursion to Mallaig in the magnificent Highlands of Scotland.

Unfortunately, the train doesn't withdraw from the "genuine" Platform 9 and ¾ at Kings Cross Station. Rather, the train, worked by West Coast Railways, leaves from Fort William, around a two-hour drive from Glasgow, and hurries to Mallaig in the Highlands of Scotland.

Despite the fact that you're not actually heading off to a wizarding school, the train is the organization's well-known Jacobite Steam Train, which looks a great deal like the train in the Harry Potter films. So, don't hesitate to experience your wizard dreams.

Hogwarts Express - West Coast Railways
Hogwarts Express photo: West Coast Railways

Strangely, this isn't the main Hogwarts Express train in the U.K. Another train, worked by the North Yorkshire Moors Historical Railway Trust, additionally gets travelers a Harry Potter understanding, including a stop at Geatland station, which was highlighted as "Hogsmeade Station" in the movies.

Despite the fact that it wasn't world-celebrated until after it featured in the Harry Potter motion pictures, the Jacobite has really been working on the West Highland Line since 1984. After 1967, steam motors were restricted along the course for increasingly effective and solid diesel trains. In any case, in 1984, a steam-pulled administration was authorized as an approach to help the travel industry in the locale. That administration was fruitful, however not even close as mainstream as it is presently, post-Harry Potter.

The equivalent can be said of the Glenfinnan Viaduct which, however, a wonderful bit of engineering, was never a lot of a traveler goal until the world viewed Harry and co. ride a train across it. Worked in 1898, the extension was, and still is, the biggest scaffold in Scotland made of mass cement. Not exclusively is simply the viaduct beautiful, however, it's situated in a shocking corner of the Scottish Highlands. The scaffold neglects pleasant Loch Shiel (likewise highlighted in Harry Potter and numerous different motion pictures) and the Glenfinnan Monument, which was worked to remember the 1745 dispatch of the Jacobite Uprising.

Philadelphia likewise had its own Hogwarts Express in 2017, leaving from Jefferson Station to a unique Harry Potter-themed occasion.

Obviously, in case you're a Potterhead in Scotland, you can generally design your own, independently directed Harry Potter voyage through Edinburgh, where J.K. Rowling got the greater part of her motivation for areas in the books.

The goal isn't Hogwarts and doesn't take after it, yet the train itself is a Jacobite Steam Train which truly looks like the one in the motion pictures.

The train will run from April 22nd to October 25th, and standard roundtrip tickets will interfere with you around $50, while a top of the line tickets is somewhat pricier at around $78.


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